Fall in love with

~ Paris ~

This beautiful girl is approximately five years old and one of the most friendly, loving dogs you'll ever meet. She's a mid-energy dog who enjoys going for walks and spending time with her humans. Whether you're laying on the couch or outside working in the yard, Paris is happy just to be by your side and enjoy your company. She'll even have a conversation with you once you learn to speak her language. If you've ever spent time with huskies you know they can be pretty chatty, and she loves to talk!

Paris gets along great with most dogs though she doesn't have a lot of paitence for unruly or obnoxious behavior. She's not at all aggressive, she just vocalizes her displeasure. She's very inquisitive about cats and will chase them so to be on the safe side a cat-free home is best. She loves people of all ages and is great with kids, though she prefers a quieter home over one with a lot of hussle and bussle. She's a bit of an escape artist and can easily scale a 4-foot fence (like the one at most dog parks) so a secure 6-foot fenced yard is necessary to keep her safe.

Paris is what we sometimes refer to as a "perfect" dog. She has a wonderful temperament, she's great in the house, she gets along with everyone, and she truly seems to enjoy life. She's always eager to bring a little happiness to your day!

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