Meet Duke & fall in love

Duke is a fun and friendly one year old Doberman mix who loves to play with people and other dogs. He’s great with dogs and kids, though he may be a little too rambunctious for young children. He hasn't met any cats yet. Duke is a high energy dog who loves to run around outside and will benefit from daily exercise, especially if he has another furry friend or two to play with. At bedtime he loves to snuggle under the blankets so letting him sleep in bed with you is a must!

As Duke has a little bit of seperation anxiety when left alone it would be best if he was in a home where he won't be alone for long periods of time (ie 8 hour days), and with another dog for company. He can also be a little mischievious at times, like pulling dish towels off the kitchen counter or taking off with your shoe as you let him out in to the yard. This is likely related to his age and playful nature and will diminish with age and a little training.

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